Apartment building in Doctor Lane, 3, located between building of “Carrefour” and Isani District Board.

The project of the dwelling apartment building was drawn up according to Order of Tbilisi City Hall #1779829 of 13.03.2015

The Project territory locates in Tbilisi Isani-Samgori District, Saekimo Passage 3, between “Carfour” and Isani District Board (Cadastre Code: and its area is 3840.0 sq. m.

The Project envisages the dwelling apartment house with yard and auto-parking on – 3 indicator. The building consists of 12 floors and is gradually decreased with the terrace direction. The 1-st floor will be provided for commercial area + - 0.00 indicator – auto-parking for 27 vehicles. As well the auto-parking locates in the yard. On II-XII floors the dwelling apartments are arranged on the highest floor with large summer terraces.

Frame and roofing are represented by the reinforced monolith; light filler block. The windows are made of metal plastics of white color. Double glass package.


The building at interactive map




Technical and Economic Parameters

1. Land area (sq. m.).: 3840.0
2. Construction area (sq. m.).: 1206.07
3. Common area (sq. m.).:  12432.57
4. Dwelling area (sq. m.).:  8693.74
5. Commercial area (sq. m.).:  393.32
6. Summer (balconies) area (sq. m.).:  1631.7
7. Square of the staircase and the entrance (sq. m.).:  799.22
8. Parking area (sq. m.).:  914.59
9. Construction capacity (cub. m.).:  55018.39
10. Flours and capacities.: 12 floor (21X66.40)m.
11. Higher than 0.00 (cub. m.).:  52554.88
12. Lower than 0.00 (cub. m.).:  2463.51
13. Construction height of the building-construction (m).:  46.9
14. Higher than 0.00 ( m).:  44.8
15. Lower than 0.00 (m).:  2.1
16. Quantity of Apartments.: 144
17. Calculated area of K1 construction ratio (sq. m. and defined ratio).: 1166.54 sq.m. k1- 0.3
18. Calculated area of the ratio of construction intensity (sq. m. and defined ratio).: 11918.09 sq.m.
19. Calculated area of ratio of K3 greening (sq. m. and defined ratio).:  519.27 sq.m. k3- 0.1